Why Aeris?

Well you've never heared about Final Fantasy VII ? Ok, it's supposed to be Aerith but in the French version it was Aeris so I kept this name. If you've really never heard about this game you can have a look at this. By the way if you're working at Square Enix, don't sue me please.

Why another Java application framework?

Quite frankly, the best answer would be because making framework is fun. Actually I didn't really looked at other existing framework before starting to work on this one. Yes I'm really ashamed. But well I still hope that this one might help some people and provide features lacking in other frameworks.

Too bad, my app is very slow when I'm using the framework...

Well, an easy solution is to invest in a brand new computer. Hey you are not supposed to keep your old Pentium II running an older Debian distribution anymore. We are in consumer society now !! Ok well I tried... The other solution is to get back to default look and feels. The fancy ones are also needing good performances. If it still doesn't work, you may have a look at your code, it might be due to a misconception. If you've try eveery thing else you can also report it to me, and I'll try to have a look at it. (Ok it might be the first things to do, but I feeling lazy sometime :).


How do I deploy an application based on the framework?

The best way is probably to make an archive including all the application (the Eclipse way) and to distribute the archive directly.

Here I put some source

Is there anything I have to run the framework?

Nop, you just have to unarchive the app and run the launch script. If you find something easier I'm really interested !